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Astrology Reading Testimonials: 

"I just spoke to Sam this afternoon regarding my relocation chart. I am into vedic astrology and have been studying for 3 years. Sam did a fantastic job. His knowledge surpasses anyone I know and I have dealt with many astrologers, western and vedic. Thank you Sam for helping me. You made it so clear and precise. The things you said on how i felt and what experiences i had were on the money. Anyone who needs any type of reading, i recommend Sam completely. Blessings to you!

"I would highly reccommend Sams astrology services. I initially had a relocation reading from Sam, he spoke of a place and how good that would be for me, but at the moment, the best place was probably where I was. I was quite skeptical of this area, but then suddenly things started happening and then after i visited, I realized he was right on! I have since gotten several readings. One which helped me immeasuralbly when my mother died and things felt really bleak. I wish I had taken his advice and waited to sell a property when he suggested. I would have made an extra$40,000 if i had listened to him. The price you pay for the reading will be well worth it.

Dear Sam,
Do you want a testimonial about salt lake city! It is unreal what is starting to happen to me,.. In one day I bought a condo and rented it the next to A neurologist furnished on a 6 month lease prepaid!!! And I buying another one now and will close in 3 weeks or so plus The owner of the complex is in partners with the owner of the Utah Jazz basket ball team and I have become friends with them. SLC is much better even if it is MORMAN! CHUCK

Name joe d
Comments Sam was a great help during my relocation reading! Thanks to his talents and wisdom he helped me clarify my intentions, and I am heading to Zipolite Mexico this fall on a 2 month sabbatical to explore the possibility of opening a yoga/retreat center there! - Joe - WA

"SAM Thanks for the great reading,... Once you got going, you were really on a roll! You confirmed my thoughts that living in the west would be a better place for me than living in the east. Based on my limited astrological understanding, I thought my chart was stronger in the west. Your analysis added depth and breadth to my understanding. I had never considered the Jupiter improvement that you brought to light. I was more focused on the sun and the strength of the ashtakavarga for 1st & 10th houses,.. You also confirmed my thinking that Hawaii was NOT a good place for me to live. Thanks again for your astrological expertise." Fr,.. VA Beach

"Comments My session was exemplary of an exceptionally gifted and attuned astrologer. Sam shared a wonderful sensitivity and technical understanding for vedic introduction. His guidance was tremendously fortifying and accurate. Thank you! - ShriRam CA

"Sam You woke me up!! Vedic astrology put so much sense into my life like nothing else has. I really want to thank you for making me see the truth and not just a blurry picture!!! Toni - NY

"Sadasiva will look at your chart and tell you things about yourself you thought only you knew." Ana - Ca

"Thank you so much for all you have done. I have already given your name and email address out to several people hoping they will contact you for readings. I look forward to the cd and learning the Mantras. Amma sent me to you for a reason and I am very grateful." jan - CA

"The positive astrology info you sent definitely gives me some new hope. In darkness a couple of rocks can feel like the base of a mountain. Thank you for turning on some light... It is amazing how much more precise Vedic Astrology seems to be. Never have I had a western astro reading where someone has told me that my mom had too many of her own issues to be able to provide stability, and that I will be challenged to develop inner peace and security.... on my own! Do you know how many sessions of Shrinkdom one would have to go through to reach that realization? sometimes years......... and thats if your lucky enough to get a good shrink..." -- Ana CA

"Sam is an incredible & compassionate person. I had an amazing, awesome, & accurate Vedic Astrology reading with him. His guidence has helped to transform my life. He is an excellent listener & is very knowledgeable in the realms of Vedic, Yoga, & has infinite informational resources on healing. I cannot think of a more wonderful person to facilitate & give direction to the experiences in my life. I am grateful to him & feel blessed by receiving the healing gifts he has to offer. Namaste & Thank you Sam!
Peace & love to you always :) Davey G

"I had my first vedic astrology reading done by Sam the other day and WOW. Very nice! If you are considering having a reading, I would recommend him. He is very professional, insightful, and puts his heart into it. I will use his services again. Thanks Sam for the wonderful reading.

"Dear Sadasiva,
Namaste - I have now listened to your reading 3 times. I want to thank you most sincerely for your words which are helpful and revealing and give me so much to think about. I will be in touch soon. You are an extraordinary and wonderful man! With love and thanks

Dear Sam, the things you said about my relationship were very accurate and i feel the information and reading was useful. It made sense. I feel a lot better, even though there may be difficulties ahead, i feel better prepared for them. thanks. - Cha..- UK

"It was great having the reading from you. We were both encouraged, and feel we know what the potential pitfalls may be. I was concerned that it could have been quite different, but then again, thats exactly what I wanted to know. - J..

" Hi Sam, Your reading was great...remarkable, in fact, considering you know so little about us personally. The timing also seems perfect, giving us what we need to know just now in our lives,.. Thanks for you enlightened help,- J..

Comments about my Book, �The Ascendant- 108 Planets of Vedic Astrology�

�Sam Geppis new text, The Ascendant brilliantly explores each of the twelve Vedic lagnas in great depth. This is an excellent book for both beginning and intermediate level students. The Ascendant provides needed research and access to one of the most important and fundamental keys in Vedic natal chart analysis.�

Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D.
President, American College of Vedic Astrology
Author of The Nakshatras: The Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology

�While many authors have attempted to explain the basic rules of a planets behavior as a house lord, Sadasiva is the first to produce a book explaining the very specific, and often times surprising, detailed rules given by Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra for each planet in each ascendant, revealing how all the planets combine to create the nature, character, growth and evolution of the ascending sign.�

Ernst Wilhelm
Founder, Jyotish Academy International
Author of Core Yogas and Classical Muhurta

AMAZON.Com Reviews (So Far)

Sam geppi astorlogy book reviewBy A. Kelley (SF BAY)
This book does an excellent job explaining sometimes hard to understand vedic concepts. He talks about the elements, the gunas and the chakras and how they are tied to our birth chart - what it all means! Sadasiva definitely has a clear understanding of these primal transcendant energies and that really comes through in this book.

The second half of the book is all about the way the planets act through different signs and this really helped me get a clear idea of how a planet like Jupiter or Venus does not behave the same way for every sign.

It is a good book to pick up off the shelf and start learning right away and also serves as a good reference book for years to come. There are some advanced concepts that he presents for the more experienced, but mostly it is an easily accessible tool that everyone will be able to spiritually profit from immediately.

astrology book review the ascendantBy E. Sloan (Wishon,Ca)
I'm a new student of Jyotish and this book has really helped me understand the unique qualities, strengths/weaknesses and planetary relationships of the different ascendants. We bought Svoboda's 'Light on Life' first which is thorough but overwelming. Next we got Bloomfied's Intro to Vedic Astrology which is great for showing the dynamic nature of charts and for getting comfortable with where everything is in any specific chart; however, because each ascendant introduces different relationships between the planets/houses the results predicted by Bloomfield's simplified analysis do not always pan out. The Ascendant fills the gap between these two books perfectly. My only criticism of the book is that it lacks illustrations or sample charts(I don't think there's a chart in the entire book!) that could show the differences that make each ascendant unique.
Sam geppi astorlogy book reviewCatherine T. Axen (santa fe, nm)
When one wants to learn the ins and outs of Vedic Astrology there are many books out there and it can be overwhelming. Where do I start?? "The Ascendant" is not only a great place to start, it can help piece together the great web of Vedic information so that you will be able to read a chart without looking up what a particular planet represents in a certain house(one example). This is a very comprehensive guide to not only the ascendants but also the planets, elements, gunas, and even the nodes. This book is a keeper!
Sam geppi astorlogy book reviewLhynn Nevarez "Lhynn Nevarez" (Lincoln, Ca.)
This was a very easy to understand book. It gives you all you want to know about doing a chart for yourself and understanding the basics of it!
Most other books are thorough but a difficult read and your left without any comprehension of the basics.
Sam Geppi has done a brillant job!
I would highly reccomend this book to all Vedic Astrology students and also to those who want to learn.

Astrology Student Testimonials:

Below are testimonials from students who have been learning �Universal Astrology�. Most of these testimonials were written after only two classes.

I want to echo Lhynn�s sentiment expressed in tonight�s class � �I am learning so much here, I have never learned anything of this depth in an Astrology class before in such a short amount of time.�

I agree. For one thing this is much, much, more then just an Astrology class. It feels really sacred� like spiritual practice�.. again, probably because of it�s ties to Yoga and Ayurveda. It certainly makes me want to recommit to deepening those personal practices within my life. I feel in the potential of understanding this �Universal Astrology�, incredible personal transformational implications akin to alchemy- the truth of which I can not consciously fathom with my mind as it is now. Something in me senses that if I dive deeply into it this practice and marinate in it, at the very least I will be able to show up for life in a deeper, more authentic, more empowered way and, that this practice of Vedic �Universal� Astrology, will inspire some profound glimpses into the true nature of being- that interconnectedness of everything and everyone.

What greater gift is there?

A deep, heartfelt thank you for sharing your knowledge with such passion and compassion.

Ana S
Austin TX 

My experience with Sam�s �Universal Astrology� tele-classes has so far been amazing. He�s clarity, humor, knowledge is very inspiring and uplifting.
There is no drama in his approach to charts and a lot of demystification and
clarification about the language (sometimes �scary�) of the old/classic texts which were written in different times. Their actuality and validity can be reviewed through new eyes for our �modern� world�.and Sam is doing an exceptional job in this.

The way we have approached charts� reading in the classes has surpassed my
expectations and has helped view the overall picture from different angles.
I would highly recommend Sam�s teachings/classes for anyone who�s either just starting with Jyotish as well as advanced students.

Patrizia Faggi - Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner
New York, NY

Patrizia is a sadhaka and a student of Sri. Swamini Mayatitananda (a.k.a. Mother Maya), founder and Spiritual teacher of the Wise Earth Ayurveda
school( Patrizia is a 500hrs registerd YogaWorks teacher as well as a CAP (Cerifified Ayurvedic Practitioner) through Kerala Ayurveda Academy. She is a holistic health counsoler and wellness educator, specialized in women�s health issues. She continues her adavanced studies in Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology through specialized courses.

Sam Geppi has a unique voice in Astrology today where he�s managed to adapt his knowledge and his wisdom from Western and Vedic astrology, Yoga, and many other sources combined. The result is that his approach is groundbreaking in the sense that he doesn�t divide people but bring them together.

Sam is both pragmatic and holistically minded at the same time. I feel that it is Sam�s unique visionary quality of spirit and fresh viewpoint that enables him to provide us with new techniques that are mind-blowingly practical and to the point. I think they benefit the professional astrologer as much as the beginner or advanced student.

Sam has very special gifts to share and as a student of Vedic I feel lucky and privileged to be able to learn from him and I�ve already been able to adapt his techniques successfully.

Anna Baylac

I have been studying Vedic Astrology on my own with tons of books and also using the net which his how I came across Sam. Everyday I would tune into his Daily Forecast which then intrigued me to purchase his book �The Ascendant 108 Planets of Vedic Astrology�. This book is THE most detailed book on the accendants. I just started taking Sam�s �Universal Astrology� class and for me the way he ties all the details
together in order to better read a chart is amazing�and this is only my second class!!! WOW!!! Needless to say this will not be my last class.

Catherine Ax�n� Student of Vedic Astrology
Santa Fe, NM

If you�re looking for sound astrological advice, searching for an astrologer who
will talk understandably with a modern view, wishing to find an astrology teacher who is comprehensive, thorough, and (bless his heart) affordable, you�ve come to the right place. I�ve known Sam (Sadasiva) since 2003 and know what he brings to the table- years of astrological experience and insight supported by a genuine commitment to his spiritual practice. You�ll learn a lot from Sam, whether it�s through a reading, one of his lectures, his books, or his class series. Keep your eye out for all of these! He is highly recommended.

Renate M. Bell- Charleston, South Carolina
ACVA Level 1 certified Vedic Astrologer 

As a student in Sam Geppi�s Universal Astrology class I must say that I have learned a great deal in a very short time to help me understand mine and others charts..I did western astrology before taking this class and I never saw the reasons why I was like or acted in certain manners, relationships etc . His teaching has brought all this into my life in a few lessons. Sam is a excellent teacher and I appreciate him giving his gifts thru these sevices to others!

I am a Numerologist, Herbalist and a Reikimaster , and also doing other spiritual practices.

Lincoln Calif.

I have been taking the astrology class with Sam Geppi and have been amazed at the information that I have never found in any of my vedic books and I have several. I have been studying for approx 10 years on my own - not good enough! Have to need to have a teacher and Sam is the one to have.

Sam has broken down the planets into tiny little pieces and then put them all
together into a very alive beings. I love the way he has made the planets come to life for me and how in only 4 classes my understanding has deepened 10 fold. I am so looking forward to more and more classes in the future with Sam.

Thanks Sam!

Carole McMechan
Vancouver, BC

I am a western astrologer who has been interested in Vedic astrology for many years and was pleased to hear that Sam was offering his �Universal Astrology� classes online. I find Sam�s unique way of conveying the �anchoring principles� that he is presenting in class to be both illuminating and exciting. What I thought that I knew intellectually concerning some of the basic principles of astrology have taken on a whole new meaning on many levels and that�s just in the first two weeks. Thank you, Sam. Please keep it coming!

Pam Jablonski
Twisp, Washington
Astrologer and student

"Stellar Relationships" Testimonials

The Free Relationship Email Course I Offer To Your Listeners)

In a Survey Response to the question, "What did you like most about the course", Here are the answers: 

"The practical information and examples of how we relate to one another. Easy to understand language."

"The information on the difference between men and woman. How we are and what we need. I realized that it is important to help my partner know that I care enough about him to understand his needs."

"I liked the format, what it was written about, and how it was was helpful to see it all written in a way that is easily understood."

"The general presentation was clear. Information and description of terms/ideas was given in a concise, and informative way. I know nothing about Vedic astrology, so having a word defined at the appropriate time made following the material easy."

"I got some new ideas amount male-female energy that was very interesting and something that I will look for in

 future male-female dynamics."

"Your course is thought provoking."

'It provides good insight for me to root into and remember throughout the relationship interactions. You've helped me open my eyes to interactions between all people, not just a signifigant other."

"The point of view........very worthwhile"

"the sensitivity and insight it dealt with such delicate subjects."

"Short & sweet summary of basic principles of interaction of male & female energies. Suggestions as to how to achieve positive results and synergy thru the successful partnership of male and female energies'

"The course is relevant to my life - and the life of EVERYbody on Earth."

'Made me think about genders in a new way, I did think that some one or two of them were two short'

"It was perfect."

"The astro tips given in this course were wonderful and I feel that these are helpful in understanding the basic fundamentals of astrology. It should continue'

"Regular, small pieces of information, readily digestible."

"The deep insight into the male and female energies and their characteristics."

"full of good information"

"I appreciate the way the course has been laid out..specifically attributes linked to masculine and feminine personas..It helps one to step back and witness the entire gamut of dialog...Although one has encountered the same information in numerous self help /relationship is refreshing to see the same listed using the symbolic language of astrology..and the elements of fire water earth air & space...Good work..."

"The course peaked my interest. Immediately felt, in an intuitive way, that this information had merit, was ancient and new at the same time, and merely scratched the surface of what could be futher understood.... There was nothing that I did not like."

"What can I say. It was all perfect. You are the best! Many thanks from Sweden."

"I liked the course very much and would pay for it, however, I chose the option to pay nothing because at this time I am not working and have no income. If I was able to, I'd pay at least $10 for it. (the free course)"