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This Video is from a class i taught to Yoga Teachers, Ayurvedic doctors, Western Astrologers and other healers as a part of a 7 week class. 
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Who Will Benefit From Universal Astrology: 
  • Vedic and/or Western Astrology Students 
  • Yoga  Teachers 
  • Ayurvedic Students and Practitioners 
  • Energy Workers and Healers of A ll Types 
  • Spiritual Aspirants 
 Learn Universal Principles common to all esoteric healing systems:  
The Five Elements | The Three Gunas (Body, Mind, Soul) 
Masculine and Feminine Energy | The Four Purusarthas 
The Castes | The Pl
anetary Cabinet 


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In Universal Astrology:

Techniques work for any Zodiac or "System".
I have been teaching this approach to Western astrologers and Vedic astrologers and non-astrologers for months now - with excellent results.
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